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Take the Mystery OUT of the Medical Billing Service Business and Set Up YOUR Small Business Today!                                 

Heard the latest "BUZZ" about the medical billing services business? Not sure if it's right for you? Will you make any money? Should you invest hundreds or even thousands of $$$ dollars $$$ without knowing what sort of return to expect? Will anyone purchase your services? And at what cost? How will you market your services effectively?

We Can Help YOU.

Our Medical Billing Service Marketing Kit is designed to help you answer those questions and take away most of the mystery and uncertainty related to starting and operating a medical billing service. Before you spend lots of money on an expensive billing package that doesn't guarantee results, take a look at our inexpensive Marketing Package.

Our value-packed Billing Service Marketing Kit - order now . The Marketing Kit includes the following:

HCFA-1500 and UB-92 Instructions and B/W forms (PDF) Medicare Electronic Claims Submission Enrollment form (PDF) Health Care Billing, Submission, Employee Agreements Medical Billing Terms Marketing Letters and Surveys Brochures and Presentations Sales Literature Provider Profile, Facilities, Referral, Consent, and Checklist Forms Insurance Information and Verification Forms Copies of Physicians Superbill/Encounter Forms Patient and Insurance Letters Facsimile Transmission Confidentiality Forms Medical BeeServ, Fee and Cost Analysis Software Plus much more...

The package contains OVER 80 documents and files written in Microsoft Word and/or PowerPoint. The marketing letters and documents can be mail-merged with the provider list Access tables for mass mailing. These materials are designed and written to assist you in marketing your services to potential clients and you can modify them to fit your needs.

Provider List for a Selected Area.

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What is Fee and Cost Analysis?

Medical BeeServ is an inexpensive tool to help anyone who processes claims determine the price to be charged to the Physician or Clinic. This program allows a Billing Service or home-based Claims Processor to analyze the costs and find the most profitable pricing for the medical office. Pricing may be set by three different methods: flat monthly rate, cost per claim, or a percentage of the claim. Use Medical BeeServ to maximize your billing service profitability.

With Medical BeeServ the Billing Service can modify their own reports, and have the capability to secure the program and its' modules. The user can generate cost analysis reports to determine how much it costs a Medical Office to submit a claim.

Don't let a bad cost estimate affect your bottom line. Use Medical BeeServ for a complete fee analysis for your clients. 

View our scaled-down screenshots of the program's main screens.

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Medical Billing Coding

Just starting your own business and concerned about medical billing coding? Well you shouldn't be! As a third party medical biller you are not responsible for patient coding. In fact it is illegal for you to code for patients. Do you know the services that the physician provided to the patient? Do you know the patient's illness or medical diagnosis symptoms? Probably not! All patient coding is normally done by the provider or his office staff. So don't worry, as a third party biller, patient coding is not your responsibility.

With Medical ProClaim! we provide a complete set of the AMA codes. Our software does code verification and code analysis utilities. Click here  for more information about the AMA codes and coding products we provide.